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Being unable to pay your debts and avoiding debt collectors is a recipe for a very stressful life. But you should know, this happens to tens of thousands of Australians every year. The good news is, Debt Mediators can put an end to that struggle, as we've done for over 10,000 people!

Debt Mediators are industry experts at negotiating payment plans that creditors agree to. We get you a better deal so you can repay your debts faster at an amount you can afford.

The process is quite complex but we do all the heavy lifting for you, making it a hassle and stress-free process.

Get the facts on debt solution options such as debt consolidation, informal agreements, debt agreements, personal insolvency & bankruptcy during your free phone consultation.

Rest assured our Debt Solutions are regulated by the Commonwealth Government through the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA).

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Debt Mediators

We can dramatically reduce the time and interest you may pay on your debt. Here is what you can expect to save on an average credit card debt of $20,000:

Debt Mediators Australia
3 Steps to Debt Relief
We do it all for you!
Step 1 - Consultation

It only takes 10 minutes for us to provide you with a debt solution. Once you sign and return the paperwork, we combine your payments and notify your creditors to cease contact.

Step 2 - Mediation

We'll introduce you to your case manager who'll mediate the debt with your creditors and prepare formal documents for you to review. Signing and returning these forms is your last step.

Step 3 - Submission

We submit the documents to A.F.S.A. Interest is frozen and the late payments stop. Once accepted by the creditors, your debts are legally modified and you'll be debt free at the end of the agreement term!

Over 10,000 Success Stories!
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"It was easy. I didn’t have to do anything. I handed my problems over to you guys. You did all the paperwork, all the mediation and the negotiating."
- Sheryl

"Everything was week to week. We didn’t know if the car broke down, how we were going to fix it. Now we are saving for our wedding and a house. I would 100% recommend Debt Mediators."
- Shane

"I was constantly getting calls from creditors. I was scared to pick up private numbers… I would definitely recommend Debt Mediators"
- Kayla

Debt Mediators Australia
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